Bakkie Mattresses

Bakkies are great for moving goods around, but also for taking long trips on holiday. It's so easy to turn the back of the bakkie into a room with snacks, blankets, pillows and everything else, but there is always that one problem… the mattress.

The mattress in the back of the bakkie is either too short or too long and usually moves around when you go around a bend.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. It's called a custom made foam bakkie mattress and it's truly brilliant!

The bakkie mattress is custom manufactured according to the back of your bakkie, so that it fits perfectly and provides ultimate comfort.

At Rosslyn Foam we specialise in the manufacturing of foam products, such as the genius foam bakkie mattresses. Our factory is situated in Pretoria North and we are able to assist anyone from retail clients, commercial and industrial clients or even individual walk-in clients.

Rosslyn Foam was established in 2007 and has spent a lot of time coming up with new innovative ways to satisfy our clients' needs. We are known for our superior quality products and great prices. Our hands-on management structure, along with client-focussed services and fast delivery times, allow us to provide our clients with quality service.

We set a standard of no more than 4 days from order to completion (depending on the product and quantity ordered), though we are often able to manufacture and deliver products within a single day.

Our high quality foam bakkie mattresses and other products are manufactured according to SABS specifications and standards. They are made from high quality foam and covered in a black multi-purpose, waterproof based material for easy cleaning.

Getting yourself a custom made bakkie mattress is an absolute necessity. Contact Rosslyn Foam today to find out more about these and other awesome products!

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