Quality Caravan Mattresses By Rosslyn Foam

When buying a leisure vehicle, the comfort of the caravan mattress inside is often an afterthought. Rosslyn Foam allows you to maximize your rest and comfort in your Leisure Vehicle with a custom made caravan mattress in any shape or size.

Odd sizes are a specialty that we excel at - Odd sized mattresses, cut corners or tapering sides are easily over come to allow you to get the best night sleep on a mattress that suits you personally.

We can craft an innerspring mattress for your caravan with cut off corners, radius ends or zip on bolsters. We can even use a low profile spring where height is of concern – whatever you need to create a roomier interior without compromising your comfort.  Enjoy a little touch of luxury with a plush pillow top for an extra good night’s sleep.

The secret of our caravan mattresses is on the inside where we use a combination of the highest quality foam.

The core of the caravan mattresses are made out of a compressed chip foam with layers of buoyant latex foam on the outside to ensure a comfortable nights rest.

We offer washable, durable slip covers because we know the importance of hygiene and the role it plays in your quality and overall health.

The top part of the washable cover is made out of a 100% cotton canvas.

We use a waterproof ripstop canvas on the bottom part of the cover to prevent mildew forming between the mattress cover and the beds plywood base.

If you want a mattress shaped like a heart, then that's what you'll get! We make mattresses that meet your needs and wishes in your home away from home.

If you're unhappy with your current bedding situation, drop in at any time at Rosslyn Foam.

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