Convoluted Foam By Rosslyn Foam

Here at Rosslyn Foam, we offer a wide range of mattresses for all sorts of uses.

Convoluted foam has many uses, but is most commonly used to make beds more comfortable, especially for people who are confined to their beds, due to illnesses. Convoluted foam can also be used for sound proofing, as their distinctive cone shape provides much more sound absorption than normal flat foam. The cone shapes traps the sound waves and makes the foam acoustically efficient. Other uses for convoluted foam includes, seat cushioning, back cushioning, head rests, foot rests or even packaging. Convoluted foam can also be called egg crate foam, due to its unique shape. This lightweight material can be easily applied to many surfaces by using adhesives and can be custom manufactured, according to customer specifications.

Can convoluted foam be good for you?

Convoluted foam can be used as mattress toppers, and offer minimal pain and pressure relief. Some owners even say to experience more pain and pressure after using one. People who tend to sleep hot. Convoluted polyfoam toppers can absorb and trap a significant amount of body heat.

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