Cot Bumpers

A cot bumper is not only used for making the cot look pretty, it actually keeps your baby safe from bumps and knocks.

The cot bumper can easily be attached to the bars on the inner side of the cot, protecting your little one. But besides safety, you can use your cot bumper as a finishing touch to your baby's crib and create your dream nursery.

You can cover the cot bumper with a cover of your choice, which can easily be removed to be washed or even to change it to a different colour / design.

Our padded baby cot bumpers are custom manufactured to fit cots of every size, but we also offer custom sizes. Our cot bumpers are manufactured according to SABS specifications and standards and is made from a high quality foam.

Our standard cot bumpers:

Size: 1755mm x 250mm

Thickness: 30mm

Cover: Comes standard with a White Netting / Safety Breather

Our large cot bumpers:

Size: 1980mm x 250mm

Thickness: 30mm

Cover: Comes standard with a White Netting / Safety Breather

Benefits of cot bumpers:

There are several benefits of using cot bumpers, such as keeping your baby safe while playing inside the cot. A baby can easily get caught between the bars of the crib, thereby causing them injury. The use of cot bumpers prevents the baby's body from being caught between the rails as they cushion and seal off the spaces.

They also protect the baby from popping-out their head between the cot's bars which may cause injury to the head. If the head is popped out and the baby is unable to retract it, it may result to infant death, commonly known as cot death.

Cot bumpers are made with soft, cosy and bright material, thereby making the cot a smart and radiant place. The warm and cool colours of many cot bumpers soothe the baby into pleasant relaxation. The cot bumpers seal off the lower portion of the cot from air. This protects the baby from harsh and cold air, thereby keeping the cot warm, which can also reduce the chances of the baby catching a cold. In addition to protecting the child, other people use cot bumpers for aesthetic appeal.

Rosslyn Foam specialises in the manufacturing of foam products, such as cot bumpers. Although we have standard and large cot bumpers, we are also able to custom manufacture cot bumpers that will suit your needs. Rosslyn Foam was established in 2007 and we continue to be innovative to satisfy the needs of our clients.

All our products are made from high quality foam and can be sold to retailers or even the general public. We offer reliable, friendly services, fast turnaround times and fantastic prices on our cot bumpers! Contact us for more information.