Nursing Pillows

Rosslyn Foam aims to manufacture nursing pillows that feature innovative designs and improve comfort for mom and baby during nursing time.

A nursing pillow assists in giving you the utmost comfort and taking the weight off your arms and back during nursing time. It also supports your baby. You can place the nursing pillow on your lap and wrap it around your body, which provides a stable and comfy surface to position your newborn at the breast, whilst allowing you some comfort and relaxation for the nursing hours ahead. It also provides relief from reflux. The nursing pillow places the baby's head in the right position to reduce the discomforts from reflux. Nursing pillows also helps while bottle-feeding.

Although nursing pillows are great during nursing times, it has many other uses, such as being used for tummy time or as a spot to cradle babies who can't yet sit on their own. It can also be used during pregnancy to support your back or even keep it between your legs to provide comfort or under your belly when you are sleeping on your side.

Rosslyn Foam is a manufacturer of foam products, such as nursing pillows. Established in 2007, we have grown to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of nursing pillows, baby mattresses, cot bumpers, baby changers, as well as other foam products.

We supply our foam products to a wide range of clients from retail stores to individuals. Rosslyn Foam is well known for our high quality products, hands-on management, client-focussed service and our fast deliveries and good prices.

Our products are manufactured according to SABS standards and specifications. We continue to strive to provide our clients with superior quality products at prices you can afford.

So for more information about our high quality nursing pillows or other foam products, contact the expert team at Rosslyn Foam today.