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Our Baby Range


We manufacture a variety of foam baby mattresses, depending on the individual needs of the client. These products include, standard and large cot mattresses, standard and large camp cot mattresses and cot mattresses for the 6 in 1 baby cots. Our foam baby mattresses come in different sizes, thicknesses and covers, which include navy blue or white waterproof PVC covers or white netting covers. Our firm, foam baby mattresses also have breathing holes in it for the safety of your child.


Baby cot bumpers are important, especially with cots that are made of wood. Babies can easily hurt themselves when rolling around and thus, baby cot bumpers are put in place to protect them from the hard sides, but also to protect them from getting stuck in the wooden bars of the cot. Our baby cot bumpers have breathing holes and is covered in a white netting material. They come in standard and large sizes in a 30 mm thickness. The breathing holes in the material is also to ensure the safety of your baby.


Foam baby changers are very useful and can be used at home and in public restrooms. Our foam baby changers are covered in a waterproof, white PVC material, which makes it easy to clean and maintain, but also provides a nice firm place for your baby to lie down on while you change nappies. Doing it on a surface like a bed makes it tricky, as the bed doesn’t hold its shape as well, but more than that, accidents happen and cleaning your bedding is a lot more difficult than cleaning a small baby changer. These baby changers come in a standard size and thickness and will provide you the solution to changing diapers easily.


New moms will have a lot to deal with and they can usually get tired soon. Having a baby takes its toll on you and your body and you need to make use of all the possible resources to ensure your baby receives the care he / she needs, but also to make sure that you as a mom, receive all the rest you can get. Nursing pillows help providing support for mother and baby during breastfeeding time. The nursing pillow is placed on the mothers lap and folded around her waist. The baby is placed on the pillow, which puts the baby in the right position for breastfeeding. The mother doesn’t feel the strain on her arms from holding the baby in the right position all the time and both, mother and baby are comfortable during the process.

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