Patio Cushions

Lately people have come up with various designs and interesting ways to build their own patio sets.

The problem with building your own patio set is that you need to either make use of patio cushions that’s not going to fit your design perfectly, or you need to make another plan.

Well Rosslyn Foam has just the solution to your patio cushion problem. We are a foam manufacturing company, situated in Pretoria North. We were established in 2007 and specialise in the manufacturing of custom made foam products, such as patio cushions.

We offer various densities of foam that you can choose from for your patio cushions, such as:

Top Tips For Your Patios Cushions

1. Too many hues can easily overwhelm the space

2. Measuring Old Cushions Instead of Furniture

 A cushion can lose some of its filling over time, and the fabric may stretch. That’s why measuring a worn-out cushion won’t give you accurate dimensions for a new cushion, but measuring your patio furniture will.

Rosslyn Foam offers exceptional quality products at affordable prices. We sell to the commercial sector, as well as the private individual.

For the best foam patio cushions, custom made just for you, contact Rosslyn Foam today.