Profile cutting is usually the process where odd shapes are cut into foam. The pieces of foam are usually used for upholstery purposes, as the foam needs to be in the shape of the couch or car seat that it will be used in. Profile cutting is a custom service that depends on the individual needs of every client.

13/9 Low Density Foam- White

This type of foam is mostly used for light duty frame padding

17/12 Low Density Foam- White

Similar to the 13/9 density, our 17/12 can also be used for light duty frame

Padding light duty mattresses

20/16 Soft Medium Density Foam – White

20/16 soft medium density is mostley used for light mattress padding and

Headboard padding also baby mattresses

23/16 Medium Density Foam - Yellow

23/16 medium density is used for general upholstery, back seat cushions and


30/16 Medium High Density Foam - Green

30/16 medium high density is softer then your 30/20 high density but also used

For high quality foam mattresses and seat cushions

30/20 High Density Foam - Grey

30/20 can also be used for the seat cushion, mostley used for commercial

Upholstery and mattresses

Chip 65 – Coloured

Chip 65 coloured foam is used for seat assemblies, heavy duty seats, sound

Deadeners and mattresses

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